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HVAC Services for Facility and Property Managers

As someone tasked with managing an apartment complex or building, your clients and the residents of the buildings look to you to make things happen and deal with problems as they arise. A significant part of your duties will be to ensure that every unit you’re managing enjoys quality, well-functioning air conditioning come rain or shine – and if this doesn’t happen for any reason, it reflects badly on you. This is why if you’re a Facility or Property Manager based in or around New South Wales, you should have Innovation Air on speed dial for all your HVAC domestic and commercial needs.


When you’re managing several different HVAC units that may be scattered across various properties, you need to know that any problem will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. It’s difficult to guarantee this without having a dedicated HVAC maintenance, installation, repair and replacement partner on call to help you as soon as a problem arises.

Large buildings often have a single, large commercial air conditioning unit instead of several individual ones and these units are often located in or on top of the roof. This means that the unit is constantly subjected to the elements, which could wear and dry our certain critical parts faster than normal, causing them to require more frequent lubrication in certain areas. Another problem that can occur is leakage of water extracted from the unit, which has been known to damage walls and ceilings.

For this reason, only a licensed technician should be entrusted with any maintenance and repair jobs, so they can detect and mend wear and tear and increase the lifespan of the unit in question. Having a working relationship with the registered and qualified technicians at Innovation Air means that you’ll never be at the mercy of chancers looking to try their luck, and who could cause irreparable damage to your complex or apartment building’s air conditioniting unit.

No matter how large or small your HVAC unit concerns are, the team at Innovation Air have seen it all and are ready and waiting to help you out. All you need to do is contact them by completing the form on the website or giving them a call today.


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